Organic Natural Wine

Natural wine is wine (made from organic grapes) with minimal chemical and technological intervention in growing grapes and making them into wine. The term is used to distinguish such wine from organic wine and biodynamic wine. Organic wine is organic in the sense of having been produced made from organically grown grapes, but may be subject to chemical and physical manipulation in the winemaking process. 

Many people approach to natural wine in a suspicious way: it’s possible to make good wines without selected yeasts, temperature control and other current enological practices? Of course, not all natural wines are perfect, but when it happens (very often), they are beyond comparison! Natural wines can be difficult to be understood at the first sip, take time to adapt your taste to the complexity of these wines and their strong character; start from red and don’t expect to find in whites (only) “fruity aroma (banana, golden delicious apple when mature)”: reset your sensory memory and beliefs and enjoy!