Medieval Festival - Malmantile, Lastra a Signa (Florence)

Enchanting ladies, brave knights, musicians, acrobats, brave archers ... on 25 and 26 May and 1 and 2 June are all in Malmantile, in the picturesque setting of the ancient walls of the Castle, for the XXVI edition of the Medieval Festival.

FESTA-MEDIEVALE-MALMANTILE-TOSCANA-0028It will be possible to immerse yourself in the life of the time admiring the craftsmen at work, witnessing real duels with swords, having fun at the "throw it in the barrel", listening to the fantastic stories told by errant storytellers.


The public will be able to attend the Palio delle Contrade, which will see the Malmantile districts compete or, walking through the village, come across the historical procession, be fascinated by falconers, and meet the funny eyes of some jester, all cheered by itinerant musicians.

In addition, every afternoon there is a space dedicated to children with activities and entertainment of all kinds.


At the Hosteria or the "refreshments" along the route, you will be greeted by enchanting ladies, to enjoy a typical dish or a quick snack.

A festival, now in its twenty-sixth edition, which every year attracts thousands of visitors from far beyond the borders of Tuscany; a town - that of Malmantile - which every year sets in motion by engaging itself in the preparation of the various activities.

All the participants, the creators, the organizers are volunteers of the local Misericordia and the proceeds of the Festival are entirely destined to the strengthening and improvement of the services that the Association offers.

Hours: 25 May from 7.00 pm

26 May and 1/2 June from 16.00

Free entry.

For the occasion, a SHUTTLE BUS service will be set up from the parking lots to the Medieval Festival. The bus will allow you to comfortably reach the Castello di Malmantile leaving your car in the parking lots!

The castle of toys- Monteriggioni (Siena)

Sunday, June 2 the sixth edition of Monteriggioni is back Il Castello dei Balocchi, the playful event in which families can enjoy themselves in the open air while enjoying the wonder of the Castle and living an experience dedicated to play and fun. The theme of the 2019 edition: the magical Mary Poppins!

Il Castello dei Balocchi - Monteriggioni (Siena) _2The castle of Monteriggioni will thus become a fantasy world that contradicts the physical laws of the real one, full of incredible and extravagant characters who will lead you by the hand through stories and magic. In this story, families will find themselves walking with chimney sweeps, riding on stick horses that come to life but also inside the serious and authoritative bank of Mr. Banks. And you already know what you will do with the 2 pennies you have available?

The thread of the narration will unfold under the eyes of the visitors passing from one episode to another, between encounters of strange characters, obstacles to overcome and stories to listen to.

This year to welcome you in the castle here is the governess nanny ... she is holding a special meter that comes directly from the Mary Poppins bag ... the meter indicates what little girl you are and tells us about you ... who knows if you need nanny Mary !?

Once inside the castle, families will be able to decide how to start their journey, then visiting all the play areas. To help them on their journey they will have the map of places with them ... but no fear, in the world of Mary there is always a chimney sweep ready to show you the way!

The traveling street band will play in the streets, cheering with their music, in the main square and through the streets of the village there will be a market exhibition for the display and sale of handicrafts.

Piazza I Maggio will be waiting for you with food stands. Castello dei Balocchi - Monteriggioni (Siena) _3
Appointments not to be missed

3.00 pm
At the entrance to the castle
Opening happening in the company of the characters of the world of Mary Poppins

16.00 - 18.00 hours
In the area "shows on the roofs"
Chimney sweep soap bubble show

From 16.30
Traveling music through the streets of the castle with the street band

7.30 pm
In Piazza Roma
Grand finale
Play areas


and the pill goes down! This is how Mary Poppins sings to remind us that with sweetness we can face all the little difficulties. Sugar colors the world and makes it more melodious.
Here's what you need in this creative area: colors, ideas and a bit of imagination for the sweetest laboratory there is ... sugar becomes color for designs and pictures to decorate that you can stick in your bedroom.


Il Castello dei Balocchi - Monteriggioni (Siena) _5In this area you can watch shows and stories that will thrill adults and children.
The chimney sweep is the protagonist of this area where wonder is king!
Who better than he who lives on the roofs knows the romance of sunrises and sunsets, the lightness of the air and the enchantment of the smoke of the chimney-pots that goes up, that if you follow him with his eyes seems to make you fly?
The chimney sweep will guide you on a journey to discover the world of soap bubbles. Between magic and poetry passing from micro bubbles to giant ones, from bubbles with hands or strange instruments, climbing volcano bubbles and taming fire bubbles, you will find yourself under a rain of bubbles and who knows maybe even inside one of them, to then fly go free in the sky together with your dreams.


Penguins are true masters at table service. They know good manners, gallantry and education. This is why they are good friends of Mary Poppins.
Will you know how to be a child who is just as careful and shrewd in bringing the tray with the glasses to the tea table with a thousand obstacles? Experiment with the theme path with obstacle tests to overcome to get into the polite penguin club too.


The horses came to life and left the carousel for a nice walk in the park. In this area build your racing animal, follow the path riding your horse and arrive at the photo finish!
You can then take your little horse to stick directly in the stable of your home provided that you continue to take care of it and make it run with you at every opportunity.


Il Castello dei Balocchi - Monteriggioni (Siena) _6The ancient wooden games come to life in Piazza I ° Maggio, where adults and children can try their hand at challenges, puzzles and games of skill. All the games that set up the area are period games handcrafted in wood.
So here are billiards, pinball machines, dominoes and sound games, constructions, catapults and balancing games, spinning tops, throwing games and everything our grandparents built themselves ... a real open-air playroom.


Even just two grams

Cherry Festival- Prato

From Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June 26th edition for the Bacchereto Cherry Festival organized by Polisportiva Bacchereto.

The food stands are open on Fridays from 7.30pm, on Saturdays from 4.00pm and on Sundays from 3.00pm and offer not only cherries but also first courses such as penne with meat sauce, pomarola, anger, macaroni with duck; among the latter we have rosticciana, chicken, veal steak, rabbit, sausage, baked bier.

The desserts are then strictly based on cherries: tart with cherries, fried cherries, cheese cake with cherries, cherries ...

Friday 7 June

    7.30 pm opening of food stands
    9.30 pm presentation of the 64th Montalbano Cycling Tour

Saturday 8 June

    16 hours opening food stands
    21.30 dancing evening 60/80 with Gli Anonyms Live

Sunday 9 June

    3.00 pm food stands and covaccine in the anico wood-burning oven
    from 3 pm Io Creo, local craft market
    9.30 pm music with Quelli del Gufo

Furthermore, within the walls of the Medieval Castle, Exhibition of Ancient Majolica (Saturday and Sunday from 4 to 7 pm; Sunday 9th free guided tour)

138° Edizione: Giostra del Saracino (Arezzo)

138° Edizione: Giostra del Saracino (Arezzo)
It is an ancient knightly game which has its origines in the medioeval period. 
The game take place in the Arezzo's Piazza Grande and are characterized by equestrian manoeuvres, rolling drums and waving flags. The most important part of the event is the challenge that knights arrange with their lances, just like they used to do during the medioevla period. The knight's group that will gather the highest number of points will gain the desired golden lance. 
The price of the event goes from 5 euros to 100 euros.