Our experiences make the holiday unforgettable
5 March 2021
We offer our guests experiences that make their holiday an unforgettable moment. Starting from the pasta or cooking school with our expert cook in traditional Tuscan dishes…..
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Wine, EVO oil and honey from Paluffo to your door
3 March 2021

Find out our organic products and receive them at your home.

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E-bike: a must of your Tuscan vacation
30 July 2020

The e-bike is the best way to discover the rural and placid Tuscany around Paluffo.

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7th International Chianti weekend with Tesla 6-8 November 2020
10 June 2020

We are ready to host our Tesla friends 6-8th November: applications are open.

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Your vacation in Tuscany, now!
3 June 2020

We are open and ready to welcome our beloved guests from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, UK…. from all European countries and from all Continents.

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How to make pasta for ravioli, tagliolini, lasagne
13 May 2020

Our cook Giuditta shows you how to make some traditional dishes of the Tuscan cuisine

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The ten good reasons to visit Italy this summer
13 April 2020

2020 summer will be the best season to visit Italy and Tuscany.

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Keep your booking protected
5 March 2020

Secure your booking from any issue with Booking Protection by Allianz

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The perfect Italian wedding!
20 February 2020

The wedding day for Italians is the most important day of the entire life. So we dedicate all our passion and joy to make that day unforgettable also for you.

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Why is Paluffo a sustainable hotel in Chianti?
4 February 2020

When we designed the Paluffo, we wanted to create a hotel structure that was entirely environmentally sustainable. It was the early 2000s…

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