Our experiences make the holiday unforgettable


We offer our guests experiences that make their holiday an unforgettable moment. Starting from the pasta or cooking school with our expert cook in traditional Tuscan dishes; another very welcome activity is the tasting of our EVO Oil, honey and natural wines conducted by Liana who is a professional sommelier. For those who love walking, we offer some routes on foot or with e-bikes. With electric bicycles it is a pleasure to discover the country roads, the electric motor makes pedalling light even uphill and no training is required. Always close to us, we have horseback riding which organizes guided tours on horseback; for those who have never tried it, we suggest the experience of flying in a balloon to discover the views of Chianti at dawn.

For those who want to experience the Paluffo in relaxation, then we recommend the shiatsu massages!

We suggest booking the activities in advance, before arriving at the Paluffo.

Pasta lesson ritoccata

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