Why is Paluffo a sustainable hotel in Chianti?

When we designed the Paluffo, we wanted to create a hotel structure that was entirely environmentally sustainable. It was the early 2000s, and the topic of the environment was not as popular as it is today, there was still no talk of climate change.

The Villa, which is the Paluffo today, was built several times between 1400 and 1700 with traditional techniques, windows and doors of historical value, roofs with handmade tiles, frescoed rooms, and, for this reason, no internal modification and external was possible.

Having discarded the possibility of insulating the walls and changing the windows, we focused on increasing the use of electricity from certified renewable sources. The first step was the construction of a 12kW photovoltaic power plant to cover at least 40% of consumption.

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For heating and cooling, we have chosen a high-efficiency heat pump, and all the hobs are induction hobs. As a supplement to heating in colder periods, there is a biomass boiler fueled by wood pellets from certified Tuscan plantations.

In this way, at Paluffo, we are proud not to use energies from fossil sources. To eliminate the use of disposable plastic in bathrooms, we have bio vegan soaps in refillable containers, and toilet paper is from recycled tetra pack; soaps and toilet paper are produced in Tuscany.

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Our jewel is the natural swimming pool where the water is regenerated by a biofilter and aquatic plants without any addition of chemicals. 

After a bath in the natural pool, the skin remains soft and velvety, thus reducing the need for protective creams.

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