Why visit Chianti

Why visit Chianti? This wonderful area that stretches from Florence to Siena is probably the richest part of Tuscany. Therefore, it has always been considered the heart of the region. It has so much to offer and is able to conquer any type of traveller in every season of the year thanks to its precious naturalistic, historical, cultural and food and wine heritage.

To find out more, here are our “Whys”. Which, we are sure, will convince you to choose Chianti as a destination for your next holidays.

Because it’s nature

Chianti is first and foremost famous for its unspoiled nature and its incredibly beautiful and extremely varied landscapes. It is the right destination for those who want to switch off and spend a few days away from the stress and hectic pace of the city. It reserves extraordinary surprises for those who venture into its enchanting territory. For lovers of hiking, trekking, and cycling, there are a large number of beautiful trails that wind up and down the hills. Immersed in woods, valleys, and tiny villages, they allow you to admire postcard views and suggestive panoramas full of charm and poetry. Walking through them you will have the feeling of being in another world.

Because it is full of historical and cultural attractions

To the naturalistic and landscape beauties are added the historical and cultural riches. Chianti is all a succession of architectural jewels and villages where time has stopped, which, surrounded by nature, constitute one of its most fascinating aspects. They range from splendid religious buildings embellished with valuable works of art such as the Pieve di Sant’Appiano and the Pieve di San Cresci; to the prestigious historical architectures such as Villa Chigi Saracini and the Fortress of Poggio Imperiale. There are also museums, including: the Archaeological Museum of Chianti Senese, which tells the ancient history of Chianti; and the Museum of San Francesco, which houses an extraordinary collection of paintings, sculptures, vestments and sacred furnishings.

Because you drink (and eat) well

Chianti, however, is not just nature, history and culture. In fact, it is also a must for lovers of good wine and good food. The municipalities in the area are part of the production area of Chianti, one of the most famous and prized Italian wines in the world, which goes well with most Tuscan and Italian dishes. But in addition to wine, there are many excellent products that the area offers: extra virgin olive oil, meats and cheeses, just to name a few. The Chianti is a genuine and tasty cuisine that has its origin and remains linked to the traditions of the peasant world. Among the typical dishes stand out: the much-celebrated T-bone steak, ribollita, peposo, stuffed neck, chicken livers and tripe.

Because it boasts ancient traditions of craftsmanship

A holiday in Chianti will not disappoint even shoppers who want to treat themselves to a souvenir or do some shopping. You would notice it while walking through its streets dotted with workshops and shops that sell the typical products of local craftsmanship. For centuries artisans and artists have kept the tradition of ancient crafts alive. Each town has its own particular artisan tradition: Impruneta is famous for its terracotta products; Greve in Chianti for wicker baskets and wooden objects; Tavarnelle Val di Pesa for the art of embroidery; Radda in Chianti for cashmere garments; San Casciano in Val di Pesa for the processing of ceramics and wood; and Panzano in Chianti for ceramic artifacts.


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